Teri Cafe 3 On Plaza - Oceanside, CA

Oceanside Bowl

FOOD: Teri Cafe, for the kind of food it serves, is one of those food trifecta unicorns that is a cheap, fast and good restaurant. The food - from ramen to sushi to soba to gyoza - all of it, is really good and very reasonably priced for the quality you get. And they have that rhythm of constantly busy places in which the food gets produced very efficiently, and you hardly have to wait before you're eating. It is pretty darned FAST.

Spicy Miso Ramen

AMBIENCE: A clean, laid back, cafeteria atmosphere with little touches of Japanese and Hawaiian decor to remind you of what you came to eat.


SERVICE: You order (and tip) at the counter, and they deliver the food to your table. The staff are pleasant, polite and attentive, and they're very good about refilling your drinks.

We've eaten at the other Oceanside location on El Camino Real, and also found it good, if a little too noisy and frenetic for my liking. The food was also a little saltier at the other location than I like.

A Roll Whose Name I Can't Recall

But this location just has a more relaxed feng shui to it, you can sit out on the patio to enjoy a little more quiet and to take in our usually beautiful O-side weather, and the food is slightly, but noticeably, better executed at this one, IMO.

A great place to take a very hungry family for a variety of Japanese dishes (and beer and sake) at super reasonable prices.


Teri Cafe 3
3809 Plaza Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056

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