(Mostly Thai) Basil Syrup

I had a surplus of mostly Thai and some Sweet (Italian) Basil from the garden, and having put some aside for fresh eating, I thought syrup would be a good use for the rest.

Your basic simple syrup recipe is one part sugar and one part water, heated until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved, and thoroughly cooled. And it's a great sweetener to have on hand for all kinds of mixed drinks - cocktails, tea, lemonade, punch...

I wanted a little more volume for the sweetness so I doubled the water.

If you don't have Thai basil but want to mimic some of that licorice flavor, you could use Sweet Basil and add a single star anise pod or a teaspoon of fennel seeds in the last few minutes of steeping, or just a drop of licorice extract right at the end.

(Mostly Thai) Basil Syrup
Makes about 4.5 cups. You can halve the recipe if you don't need so much.
Time: About 25 minutes

- 4 cups basil leaves
- 4 cups water
- 2 cups sugar

Combine all ingredients in a thoroughly clean pot (when I make syrups or jams, I like to give my already clean pots a thorough re-washing just to make sure I don't have any residual grease or savory remnants left on the surface), give them a good stir, and put the pot on medium heat, stirring occasionally until all the sugar melts and just until all the basil wilts, not longer.

Turn off the heat, cool the syrup completely, and store in a thoroughly cleaned and dried tightly lidded glass or plastic container in the refrigerator.

Should keep for a couple of weeks.

I use this syrup for my Thai Basil & Calamansi Vodka Gimlet (recipe).

Enjoy! :)




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