Preventing Refrigerator Avalanches with Binz

Call it an occupational hazard, but my fridge is never anywhere near empty save the 10 weeks or so out of the year that I'm in Fridge Cleanout mode.

And the first 2 or 3 days after a grocery run used to invariably come with an avalanche warning for anyone who dared reach for any item positioned atop or behind anything else because there'd be a 65 to 100% chance that the physics of the precarious arrangement from which they sought to extract said item would not work in their favor.

Lucky for me I have a Little Asian Mama with a Costco membership who's always looking to solve my problems even though I am a 40 year old woman. :P

Enter these Binz Fridge & Freezer Storage thingies.

They're not really rocket science - just very sturdy and slick plastic bins with ridged bottoms in which to store your foodstuffs that you can easily pull out from your fridge and freezer shelves without scratching them and reach the stuff in the back without knocking over the stuff in the front.

It makes sense to group stuff according to height to maximize space like so:

It really does considerably reduce the clutter in the fridge and make it a much safer place from which to extract your edibles. :)

I know LAM got these in an assorted 4-pack for $20 at Costco, in a box that looks like this:

They're also available at The Container Store and (search "InterDesign Binz"), but the Costco deal appears to beat either alternative by a mile.

To safe and organized refrigerators,




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