So Last Week: October 14th - 20th, 2013

MONDAY 10/14

Shared my Simple Creamy Butternut Squash Soup recipe.

Shared this tip for losing weight, saving money and being happier at the same time. :)

And found new appreciation for Oceanside while taking a coffee walk with the fam.


Rediscovered the joy of pestering Honeydew with my camera. 

And let y'all know that Trader Joe's has Cupcake Vodka for sale for $4.99 while supplies last. <hic!>


Got some good perspective on the value and meaning of my internet presence and activity.

Was stoked that +Brian Meagher made my Better Pickled Pepper recipe! :D

And discovered that a lot more peeps are interested in my Budget Oxtail Osso Buco recipe than previously assumed would be.


Shared my Spicy Salmon Poke with Crunchy Cucumber recipe from my upcoming PWYW Cookblog delectable eclectic.

FRIDAY 10/18

Made yummy Leftover Burger Buns Bread Pudding.

And shared my San Diego Día de los Muertos 2013 event listing with y'all.


Learned about Verdolagas (Purslane) and got this yummy looking recipe from +Lena Keller to make with it.

Got myself a couple of new chili plants on the cheap from Cando's plant stand at Oceanside Swap Meet. :)

And finally got a honeybee to stay still long enough for me to get a good snapshot of her!!! ^^

SUNDAY 10/20

Shared my Budget Calrose Risotto Milanese recipe to go with my Budget Oxtail Osso Buco recipe.

Watched The Man brew Barley Wine for the holidays.

Pilfered a most elegant Magnolia for the dining table from across the street. :)

And shared my recipe for the Mex-Inspired Tandoori Chicken that we ate for Brewer's Lunch.

And holy crap. We're another week closer to November. I am not ready for the holidays... :/




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