Wine Cork & Bamboo Skewer Plant Markers

While there are lots of really awesome upcycling projects out there on the interwebs, the great majority of them don't suit me because they're either too involved in the investment of time or in the necessary acquisition of more new materials, which doesn't make sense for a person like me for whom crafting is a not remotely a pastime.

But quick repurposing jobbies that require only things I already have on hand and are aesthetically pleasing to my minimalist eye? I am all over them.

Like this here natural wine cork plant marker, the idea for which I got from my G+ stream the other day but unfortunately to whom I don't know to give credit because I don't remember. (Sorry! :/)

The materials you'll need?

- a natural wine cork (the ink won't take to the artificial ones)
- a bamboo skewer
- a Sharpie

And for anyone to whom the process is not evident, you stab the cork with the sharp end of the skewer, write the plant name on it with the Sharpie, and stab the other end of the skewer into the ground next to the plant. :P

Quick, easy, inexpensive, Earth-friendly. My kind of upcycling. :)




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