So Last Week: November 18th - 24th, 2013

MONDAY 11.18

Izz and I pretty much farted around all day.


I shared my recipe for Dweji Bulgogi (Spicy Korean Pork BBQ).

And reminded y'all just how ripe your Hachiya persimmon has to be so you can eat it without wanting to punch yourself in the face.


Asked peeps for chicken suggestions and patched this crowd sourced dinner idea of Grape Jam - Chipotle - Thyme Roast Chicken & Fridge Cleanout Slaw together.

That was fun.


Shared this Dump & Simmer Thai Inspired Chicken Curry recipe.

And found out I have yet more edible weeds in my backyard! :D

FRIDAY 11.22

My weekly vlog about how to pronounce my name, Cookalong #17, and FISH SAUCE! (Crap - it's already Wednesday. I need to share some fish sauce recipes...)

Also shared my Buttermilk Biscuits with Chorizo Cream Gravy recipe.


Enjoyed some nosh and drinks with some friends from The Plus while The Man hung out with the kids. Always nice to steal away for a bit. :)

Flying Dog Double Dog IPA

SUNDAY 11.24

Shared my take on foraging.

Enjoyed a really lovely brunch with the fam at Stone's World Bistro in Escondido...

Artisanal Snausage Platter

Stone Imperial Russian Stout
Alesmith Nut Brown Ale

...and took in an easy hike afterward.

Two days late on the this post and one day before Thanksgiving. 

Turkey's dry brining in the fridge, Pineapple Orange Cranberry Sauce has been made, and I'm working on my second cuppa and a little more putzing around before I start getting the house ready for tomorrow.

Looking forward to a relaxing holiday weekend with family and friends.

May we all spend tomorrow surrounded by love and delicious things. :)




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