So Last Week: November 4th - 10th, 2013

MONDAY 11.04

The Man made this delicious pasta dish for dinner to help me recover from an emotionally draining previous week. Pasta is always good for emo days.

I'd post the pic here, but he has the file, and he's still sleeping. 


I know as a fledgling gardener, I'm supposed to have a somewhat adversarial relationship with them, but on Tuesday, as on many other days, I was hopelessly charmed by a snail.

Shared my recipe for Spicy Korean Style Soy Dipping Sauce. Super easy and addictive.

Also finally got the Chorizo Chili made for this month's Cookalong and turned it into a rice bowl.


Got a finger wagged at me for eating Church's Fried Chicken and was reminded how huge a peeve for me is sanctimony. For the rest of us dietary heathens, a Google offer.

Shared my Spicy Hoisin Apricot Chicken recipe. Another easy, delicious (and family friendly) recipe.


Shared my recipe for Cranberry Apricot Relish with Ginger & Orange Zest

Still don't know what I'm making for Thanksgiving this year.

Reminisced on the very first Cookalong we had - a modified Pho Tai - and was reminded why I do what I do.

FRIDAY 11.08

Cruella deVille or Ursula?

As you can see, Friday was nothing to write home about.


Harvested some late season gifts from the garden. My experiences with growing basil this year were kind of my gateway into the totally relaxing recreational drug known as Gardening.

First bowl of pho in too long at Pho Thanh Binh in San Clemente, which is not a bad option at all if you find yourself in San Clemente and craving pho at the same time.

Oh, and these 99¢ Only Store scores. :)

And some lessons learned about the spirit of giving.

SUNDAY 11.10

Shared my process for making an easy homemade ramen broth.

Made some yummy poke out of some Opah we got on sale at Sprouts. Such a pretty fish.

A week closer to Turkey Day and no more prepared for it than last. 

Happy Tuesday, peeps. :)




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