After-Rain Backyard Foraging: Dandelion Greens

I love rain for so many reasons, one of them being that after a good bout of rain, I get a bounty of tender, delicious and totally FREE organically grown dandelion greens out of it.

If you've never had them before, when young and tender, dandelion greens have a green, earthy flavor to them and this deliciously slightly medicinal quality to them that just feels healthful to eat.

In addition to being super high in Vitamins A and K, dandelion greens have been used homeopathically the world over to cleanse the blood and treat digestive disorders, among other things.

My favorite way to eat them? Raw as part of a Korean style lettuce wrap called sangchu ssam, bundled with other greens and herbs, a slice of pork belly, a little rice, and a schmear of seasoned hot soybean and/or chili paste. YUMS. :)




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