MTO Café - Downtown Las Vegas, NV

It's time for Christmas in Vegas again, and as you might already know, I have long fatigued of the general noise, chaos and clusterfuckiness of The Strip.

Lucky for us, the Downtown area is getting some much needed TLC and provides us with opportunities for food and entertainment a little more in line with our generally relaxed and groovy approach to things.

BTW, say what you want about the people the rest of us think smell like hipsters, but they're often responsible for seeing the potential in neglected real estate and turning it into something that's a lot more creative, fun, interesting, and generally palatable for this non-hipster to partake in than some nightmarish Stepford upscale chain hell.

MTO Café is one of those places done really well.

FOOD: Great preparations with respect for high quality ingredients without being stuffy or pretentious. We LOVED The Hangover Burger - every last element of it was perfectly delicious and indulgent without being a gutbomb. And they pour Lavazza here, which is always a good thing in my book. 

The Avocado Omelette

The Hangover Burger

AMBIENCE: Chill, funky, minimal decor with a hip background soundtrack kept at a conversation friendly volume. All the booths have outlets so you're well connected. 

French Onion Soup

Donkeys With Headphones

SERVICE: Friendly, attentive and unobtrusive. Oh, and they also have entertainment for the kids. :P

An easy recommendation in Downtown Vegas. We will definitely be back!

MTO Café - Downtown Vegas




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