Repurposing Experiment: Wine & Beer Bottle Garden Pavers

As some of y'all know, there isn't much going on in our back yard except four small garden planters, a couple of wisteria vines, and a whole lotta dirt.

The plan is to add to the garden little by little - with both edible and decorative additions. And to do it as sustainably, efficiently and creatively as possible.

We've already repurposed a gate as a vine trellisand I've made these Wine Cork & Bamboo Skewer Plant Markers.

The next experiment is to see if we can use all our used beer and wine bottles to create a meandering walkway of pavers (and possibly also more planter beds).

Today, we buried these beer bottles upside down, packed them super tight with moist dirt, and hosed them down to pack them even more and stepped on them to feel if they give solid footing.

So far, so good.

If it holds up, we'll create our little meandering path of beer and wine bottle pavers a paver or two at a time when we have opportunity. I think the green bottles will look specially neato.

I also have this theory that the condensation from them will help keep the ground moist for the plants we eventually plan to plant around them. That'll take a little white longer to observe accurately methinks... ^-

Will report back with developments. :)




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