So Last Week: December 9th - December 15th, 2013

This supposed to be Monday recap just keeps getting pushed further and further back.

But sometimes life pushes these inessential kinds of things onto the back burner a little longer than we'd like. Also 18 month olds. They generally have a way of resetting priorities moment to moment.

My job is to remember that it is all good...

MONDAY 12.09

I made a simple Thai-inspired Roast Chicken dinner with a Green Apple Slaw designed to get rid of some super tart green apples I could not sell to my family any other way.

The Man and I ended up loving the slaw, and I'm sure this recipe will be a repeat on our rotation.


Mads had a school choir concert on Tuesday night, so we headed up there to watch her and then took the big monsters for Vietnamese Food at Pho Bac Co in Irvine.

Bun Thit Nuong - Vietnamese Vermicelli with Grilled Pork

I love that Mads loves to sing. Yet another thing that connects us as we enter a phase of her life in which I'm sure we'll find a few other things to disconnect us for the time being. 

I love me some Mads. <3
P.S. Fluorescent multi-purpose room lighting, mang...


As is usually the case the day after we attend a function with lots of new things and strange faces, Izz was a velcro baby, and we didn't get much done.

But I did make some of this Spaghetti with Anchovies & Fresh Tomatoes for dinner, which is one of my favorite quick and easy pasta dishes.

Again - all good. Just breathe and enjoy, Shinae...


I shared my Easy & Accessible Kimchi recipe.

And then we met up with our friend Daryn to bid him Bon Voyage on his return to Oz at Panca Peruvian Cuisine in Oceanside. 

Nice, chill vibe, great food and staff. We will definitely be back!

FRIDAY 12.13

I don't remember what I was working on that day, but I vaguely remember wanting to eat everything without having to cook anything. Hence these Ham & Avocado Wraps for a snack.

And then I was eventually motivated by our dwindling December budget to cook something for dinner, which, with y'alls' help in deciding, was Vietnamese Caramelized Pork.


The first of two 13th birthday celebrations for Mads, we went out for bowling and pizza, per her request.

Killer Pizza From Mars - The kids' local fave...

The people at Surfside Bowl in Oceanside are just so nice and friendly. I don't bowl that often, but I like bowling there when I do.

SUNDAY 12.15

At long last - The Beef Wellington Cookalong!

I'm still trying to find the best way to conduct these Cookalongs given the tools I have available to me. Admittedly, it's been logistically challenging to get as involved with video production and the other value-added features I'd love to be able to offer more of with Izz being the age she is right now as well as us wanting to maximize our limited time with our big monsters.

I appreciate your patience and understanding as I navigate my way through it all. :)

The meal, by the way, was a real holiday treat that I haven't enjoyed in ages, and I'm glad our community selected this menu.

This week has been more challenging than most, and I'm looking forward to some downtime with my fam this weekend.

Hope you're getting some time to breathe this holiday season, too. :)




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