Hacking Away At The Unessential...

"It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential."

"Be water, my friend."

~ Bruce Lee

Increasing simplicity and fluidity seem to be my inadvertent new year's resolution for a few years running.

Simplicity, fluidity, and renewal.
Letting some things die so better things can live...

A few weeks shy of my 41st birthday, I'm coming into the knowledge of what is truly essential to me: love, communication, nourishment, humor, beauty, work, purpose, and reflection. Some of each, every day, in whatever form Life might offer them at the moment. Luckily, all within arm's reach, or even at my fingertips, should I avail myself...

The increasingly non-essential? The kinds of plans and ambitions that by their nature must pre-determine one's course and exclude or ignore certain knowledge and experience on the way to a too narrowly focused destination.

Life continues to be a trial and error process of experience and elimination, of unearthing a purpose that's been buried by years of the kind of learning that instructs us to make ourselves easily identifiable, categorized, useful, and easily digestible to society at large.

If these past few years have taught me anything about myself, it's that there are only these immutable truths of who I am: woman, daughter, lover, mother, sister, friend, creator. The rest must be like water.

And if the past two and half years in which I've managed to grow a sizable audience based on our shared love of food have taught me anything about myself, it's that it is not enough of my truth and purpose to continue to focus so much on the food in the particular way in which I've approached it.

I've been at this crossroads before and second guessed myself on the chance that I just wasn't giving it enough of a chance. But since my food-related web presence has begun to take on a life of its own, I've often pondered the inevitable destination of this path I've taken. And it leads to a place in which I become at the very least a mildly (if I'm lucky) pigeonholed caricature of myself shilling yet more hardcopy books, manufactured widgets and marketing into a world I believe is already saturated and polluted with them, in order to make a reasonable living.

There's a lot I don't know, but I do know without a doubt that this is not quite the contribution my soul has in store for the Universe. This is not my purpose.

And so I begin 2014 back at the keyboard and stripped down to my essentials. I'll still be cooking, eating and sharing, but differently. The how has yet to reveal itself, though I know it requires me to hack away at some unessentials to which I've become attached. But it's often the unessential attachments that keep us from a good kind of growth and fluidity.

It's time to clean out the fridge and restock with some fresh ideas.

Happy New Year, peeps. To keeping it simple, fluid, and true.




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