Outer Banks Hand Harvested Sea Salt

My friend +amy huggins gaw at Outer Banks Epicurean sent me a bottle of her hand harvested Outer Banks Sea Salt over the holidays, and I set it aside until I could fully enjoy it in post holiday madness peace and quiet.

Because it takes a little peace and quiet to appreciate the nuances of a thing like sea salt. The terroir, if you will. Is there an ocean equivalent of terroir? Merroir, perhaps... :P

A clean briny crunch that I'm planning to enjoy over the weekend with a good baguette and some cold, sweet butter.

And then perhaps sparingly sprinkled on snickerdoodles or dulce de leche ice cream.

Or maybe some fresh pineapple and mango with chili powder and a squeeze of lime...

And that lovely little handcrafted dish that makes me think of mermaids.

It's all so lovely, Amy. 

Thank you. ❤ 




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