In Praise Of My I Don't Give A Sheet Pan

Day 5 of my two week-ish commitment to Write Something, Anything.

This is my I Don't Give A Sheet Pan and my Sheet Scraping Spatula.

In a kitchen full of fairly well seasoned and reasonably carefully maintained enamel coated cast iron, stainless, and some non-stick cookware, this might be the cooking vessel I love the most, and treat the sheettiest.


It is the vessel on which I roast fatty meats, often with sticky glazes and marinades on them, or crusty potatoes in chicken fat, with really high temps for really long periods, without so much as a lining of parchment or foil, so all those fats and sugars can stick, burn, crust and seemingly permanently attach themselves to it, leaving a well worn patina of delicious memories, some of which gets rigorously scraped off from time to time so the exposed patch can start to accumulate anew.


There isn't one other piece of equipment in my kitchen that remotely takes this kind of abuse, and yet it never fails to produce deliciousness.

And as a woman who really does not get all that sentimental or attached about things, I don't ever see myself giving this sheet up.


I can see my kids fighting over who gets this sheet when I die.

sheet. :)

Hopefully one of them loves the yellow Le Creuset that makes all the stews, braises and spaghetti sauces as much.




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