$138 A Week For Groceries - About Slow Cookers & Day 8 Meals (Saturday)

So it turns out Dean ordered me an 8-quart slow cooker today because I've been talking about getting one. I love that man, and it mostly has nothing to do with slow cookers, but, I just love that man.

I briefly owned a slow cooker once in a previous life. I think it was a wedding gift. I'm pretty sure I gave it away shortly thereafter because I just didn't do the whole Crock Pot thing back then. It wasn't any part of the cooking I grew up with, and I always associated it with church potluck type dishes I had no interest in making.

But my goals related to my sharing of food and cooking related content are changing and evolving, and though I'm satisfied with the work that I'm doing in introducing people to new cuisines and food ideas in an accessible way, I'm not satisfied that I'm doing enough to make the cooking part of it easier and more relatable for people who are tight on time, resources and cooking experience. It's becoming increasingly important to me to work toward that end.

Enter the slow cooker. A working person's best friend in the kitchen, or so I'm told. I'm inclined to think there's a generally formulaic way we can go about taking any good stovetop braise or stew recipe and adapt it for a slow cooker, but I want to live with it for a while and learn what I can learn.

I know there are a lot of great slow cooker resources out there, but if any of my adventures with my new slow cooker end up making it any easier for anyone else to sit down to a delicious home cooked meal with the people they love, then our little $40 investment will be paid many times over.


I started eating the last of the Coconut Cream Pie we had with Wednesday's dinner with our friends, but then I thought Dean would enjoy it more than I would, so I ended up making myself some scrambled eggs instead.

I don't care if you think ketchup is gross on eggs.


I also had the very last of last week's watermelon.

Izz had toast with butter and strawberry jam and some of the watermelon. The big goobers were at their other house.



was the last of that leftovers makeover Moroccan Ragout with polenta. A serving each. Once again, Izz ate the meat, hated the polenta, and also had a banana.

And again, since leftovers have already been fully accounted on the day they were originally made...



was a Surf n' Turf of grilled ribeye and steamed lobster in lieu of going out for dinner, so that little indulgence went on the Entertainment tab.

I made some lobster stock with the exoskeletons. Lobster stock is always so buttery and delicious. :)

But none of that goes on the grocery tab.


I still have Sunday's meals to post, but I think that can wait until tomorrow.

Hope y'all are having a loverly evening. :)


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