$138 A Week For Groceries - Day 12 Meals (Wednesday)

She Who Hates To Nap naps, so I must take advantage and get us caught up!

A go-to quick, easy and economical meal.

If you're just joining us, this post is part of my 30 day grocery budget diary in which I detail all my grocery shopping for a month as well as all the home-cooked/prepared food our family enjoys from those groceries and the cost of each meal, as well as each serving where applicable.

I'm also sharing recipes as well as my thought process and ideas for repurposing leftovers and generally making the best use possible of the food in my kitchen.

With no further ado, Wednesday's meals.

As always, I've included a meal total and per serving total on the blog. The detailed ingredient cost breakdown HERE.


Another open faced Peanut Butter & Banana sandwich for me, cereal for the boys, coffee for all of us.

For Izz, a half banana, some grapes, and milk. She wasn't that hungry yesterday.

BREAKFAST TOTAL (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 toddler): $3.66


Yesterday was the second day Joey decided not to pack a sandwich for his lunch, opting to take only an apple and a juice pouch, because he says he hasn't been feeling all that hungry during the school day. As a mom, I don't want to send them off to school without a more complete lunch, but as a mom of a young man in training who has to be let alone to learn to make choices and live with them, I didn't argue. He drank a large glass of milk upon his return from school. Like I said before, he doesn't eat like your average teen... YET.

For Dean, it was a 10-minute Broccoli Beef leftovers makeover of the last of the leftover grilled ribeye from the weekend stir fried with some broccoli, oyster sauce, garlic and black pepper, packed in a Pyrex (they're better for nuking) with the last of the steamed jasmine rice left over from Tuesday's dinner. Also an apple and 4 Famous Amos cookies.

For me and Izz, some newly steamed jasmine rice topped with two fried eggs, some soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, furikake, and chopped green onion. Kimchi on the side.

This is one of my default quick and easy economical meals, and Izz happens to love it as well. (Not the kimchi just yet, but we'll get there...)

I'm also sticking my 4 Izz-bribe Famous Amos cookies for the day here.

LUNCH TOTAL (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 toddler): $2.70


was those Vietnamese Grilled Pork chops (that Dean grilled for me on Tuesday when he grilled the carne asada) served over a little bit of steamed jasmine rice...

...with some of Joey's Favorite Crunchy Soy Slaw made with green cabbage rather than the usual red cabbage on the side. Joey did a great job of helping me make the slaw. As you can see over the course of this week, a head of cabbage goes a long way.

We still have a couple of chops left, and that should come in handy along with all the other leftover odds and ends when I don't feel like cooking this weekend.

DINNER TOTAL (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 toddler): $10.35


MEALS DAY 12 TOTAL: $16.71

This day is seriously dragging. The rest of my family can't come home soon enough. But I'm all caught up, and that feels good. :)


This post is part of my 30 Day Grocery Budget Diary. To see all the posts of this series in reverse chron order, click HERE.

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