$138 A Week For Groceries - Days 22 & 23 Meals (Sat & Sun)

Just a few more meal posts and a wrap-up post and this little project will come to an end. A month doesn't last like it used to.

Since I have another 2-day post to catch up on, I'll go straight to the meals.

Kimchi Fried Rice - my favorite homecooked meal of the weekend. ^^

If you're just joining us, this post is part of my 30 day grocery budget diary in which I detail all my grocery shopping for a month as well as all the home-cooked/prepared food our family enjoys from those groceries and the cost of each meal, as well as each serving where applicable.

I'm also sharing recipes as well as my ideas for repurposing leftovers and generally making the best use possible of the food in my kitchen.

With no further ado, last weekend's meals.

As always, I've included a meal total and per serving total on the blog. The detailed ingredient cost breakdown HERE.

Joey was hanging at his other house, so it was me, Dean, Mads and Izz last weekend. Calendars sure do come in handy when you share kids. ;)



Mads opted out of her usual weekend morning ramen and asked me to make some scrambled eggs for her instead.

Dean, Izz and I had cereal. Coffee for me and Dean, milk and also a banana for Izz.

BREAKFAST TOTAL (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 toddler): $2.78


was sangchu ssahm (SAHNGchoo SSAHM - Korean style lettuce wraps) with boiled pork shoulder slices. 

If you've never had them before, you take a leaf of lettuce, add some Korean herbs if you've got 'em (I had some purple perilla from the garden, and also cilantro, which isn't typical to Korean cuisine, but we love it), add a small spoonful of rice, a slice of pork, and a dab of ssamjang (which is dwenjang, Korean style miso, seasoned with garlic, green onions, fresh chilies, and toasted sesame oil, among other things), wrap it all up, shove the whole parcel in your mouth, and then cover your mouth as you chew all dainty-like as if you didn't just shove about three bites' worth of food in your mouth. (But you did...)

Mads doesn't care for the ssamjang so she made a Hoisin-sriracha dipping sauce for herself like we do when we have Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Goi Cuon).

Izz had a few slices of pork and some rice. She also had a couple more bananas during the day, so I'll tack them on here. She is on a banana roll this week as you will see...

LUNCH TOTAL (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 toddler): $9.59


was Kimchi Fried Rice made with the last of the pork belly instead of the bacon that's in my recipe.

That was really good, and we all wished I'd made more.

Izz isn't up for that level of heat yet, so she just had some rice with water (I think I explained before that that's a Korean thing) with a few pieces of pork and some cantaloupe.

Oh, and 2 Diet Cokes split between the 3 of us.

DINNER TOTAL (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 toddler): $3.57
COST OF KIMCHI FRIED RICE FOR 3: $2.19 ($2.89 if the rice wasn't leftovers)
COST PER SERVING: $0.73 ($0.96 if rice wasn't leftovers)

MEALS DAY 22 TOTAL: $15.94



Dean, Izz and I had some of that Mom's Best Cocoa Crunch. (It's really good as kiddie chocolate cereals go, I must admit.) Izz also had a banana.

Mads was back to her ramen habit.

BREAKFAST TOTAL (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 toddler): $4.31


We went out for Vietnamese food at I Love Pho, and that goes on the Entertainment Budget.


was that Slow Cooker Korean Style Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken that I'd made in advance (which is why it doesn't look as purty as when I just made it) with some rice and Kimchi. Izz had hers without the kimchi.

And a couple of Diet Cokes split between the 3 of us again.

And some grapes for everyone. We ate lots of grapes on Sunday. They were super sweet. :)

DINNER TOTAL (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 toddler): $9.40

MEALS DAY 23 TOTAL: $13.72

Tonight's roast chicken awaits. Time to take it out of the oven! 




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