Good afternoon, Sunshines!

On a day like today when all I'd like to do is curl up in a ball and sleep, it's kind of a minor miracle that I managed to tend the garden. But I did, and I got to see Nature's more brilliant than usual brush strokes on what I think are my Gloriosa Daisies aka rudbeckia (I know they look like Black-Eyed Susans, but I don't think they are), and that was worth the ass-dragging.

As parenting would have it, I no longer have it in me to sleep now that Izz has finally gone down for a nap. Even if you work outside the home and send your child to daycare, every parent should spend several full days at home from wakeup to bedtime with their very young children at their most demanding. Not so you can feel sorry for me, but so you can appreciate the work of whomever it is who happens to handle that function in your life if it's not you. It's harder than you might imagine if you've never done it before. I can say that as a one-time full-time working mother who didn't stay home with her young children at the time and has a more fully informed perspective now.

Unrelated - Wanna know what's one of the biggest challenges of sharing your writing in a public space in which people give you feedback? You're probably thinking I'm going to say trolls, or even legitimate criticism - and those are challenging to deal with. But unexpectedly challenging is the fact that people will view what you write through their very personal lenses. That they will get something out of what you wrote that you did not necessarily intend to convey, whether good, bad or neutral.

Assuming the intention behind their comments are good, it is a huge gift that they spent any portion of their lives bothering to read and think about what you've written. But it's hard not to want to guard your meaning and intention because they came from your mind, your soul. It's a challenge in those instances to remember that when we give something to someone, it is literally and figuratively out of our hands.

If our intentions are in the right place, we hope they will get something good from it and release any expectation as to how or if that will happen.

Kinda like life in general.

Let's see if I can pull Miracle #2 out of my useless, bedraggled arse and tackle the disaster that is my kitchen.

Happy Monday, y'all.




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