Meditation My Way

After years of occasional half-hearted attempts at what most people call meditation - in which you sit impossibly still, breathe this way or that, and hopefully find some way to declutter your mind - I came to accept and even embrace the fact that I would always be a failure at that kind of meditation.

Because as much as that kind of meditation is supposed to bring one a sense of peace, it never did suit my nature. And there can be no peace within when you're constantly warring with your own nature. I could list any number of ways in which it contradicted my very essence, but sometimes, the strongest indication you need is a gut level appraisal from the most honest part of yourself that tells you quite bluntly Hey, sister. This shit is not you

But then one day as I was reemerging from the meditative state of rinsing a big stack of soaped dishes under warm water, I realized that there are so many moments in the very natural course of my day in which my mind, aided by the work of my hands, frees itself of its worries, cares, thoughts, opinions, feelings, and perceptions.

Today it was 30 minutes of mostly alone time (Izz was busy singing nursery songs) with 4 big, luscious pomegranates.

Success. :)




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