"For lack of love one does a million other things."

~ Marty Rubin

Empanadas and pickled peppers for Dean's office holiday potluck.

I have become that woman.

Actually, I have always been a woman who takes great pleasure in cooking things to make my loved ones happy. But through some combination of circumstance, evolution, growth, and the incredibly good fortune of having married the best friend and life partner I couldn't even have imagined existed out there for me before I met him, I have become that woman who is totally OK with the possibility that making these empanadas for him because he asked me to might end up being the most important and satisfying thing I do with this day.

Not that tomorrow can't find me doing something equally fulfilling that has nothing to do with him... But for today I'm happy and grateful that I love, like, adore, and respect him enough, and that we have this mutually giving and supportive relationship enough, that doing this for him seems like a perfectly good and complete use of a day.

I'm also grateful for the many years spent in a very different kind of relationship and all the lessons therein that would eventually open my soul to the possibility of this one.

I don't wish to spare my kids their own difficult lessons in life and love because, in good measure, those are the fires by which a rich life and character are forged. But if seeing me and Dean love, laugh, and work through life together teaches them just a little bit quicker what a positive difference it makes in every aspect of your life to have a mutually kind, friendly, empathic, helpful, caring, and appreciative partnership - how that kind of love makes just one thing like making empanadas for a work potluck more than enough - that would be wonderful.




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