"Life is what happens to you when you're busy making plans."

~ John Lennon

A really good life is happening to me now.

I get to watch my littlest one learn and grow by the hour, witness her discoveries, and share in each one of them with her.

I get to cook things that make my teenagers happy, watch movies with them, make jokes with them, and listen to them and talk with them with unstressed and mostly unfettered heart and mind. 

I get to make a life with my best friend, be home when he gets home, enjoy an evening cocktail with him, make music with him, and look forward with him.

I get to play in the dirt and watch beautiful things emerge from it. 

I get to create things and share them with people who appreciate what I'm trying to do and say and take the time to let me know it.

I can sing when I want, dance when I want, and write when I want. (Well, two year old willing... ;) )

I didn't plan one bit of this life, and it is so much better than anything I have ever planned.

So I've decided to stop making plans for a while and keep letting life happen.




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