Sunday, November 30, 2014

After being a one car family for a couple of years that were not nearly as painful as many might imagine, life necessitated the acquisition of a second car and we are now again, for the time being, a two car family.

The transaction took much longer than we expected because the older gentleman who was selling the new-to-us 13 year old 4Runner ended up sharing quite a bit more about his life with us than we bargained for, and frankly more than we were interested in hearing, when we made an offer on the car. A LOT more...

But then he also gave us one of many discarded skateboards he finds, restores to working order, and leaves at the skate park for any kid who might like a skateboard but can't afford one.

We are not nearly so unsolicitedly and exhaustingly chatty, but neither do we restore skateboards in our free time so that children we don't know might find some joy at the skate park.

"What an absurd thing it is to pass over all the valuable parts of a man, and fix our attention on his infirmities."

~ Joseph Addison

Absurd, humbled, and now slightly more mobile,


Friday, November 28, 2014

I'm a big fan of antiquing, thrifting, reusing, and repurposing. I swore off regular retail Black Friday shopping years ago, but LAM and I thought it might be fun to hit a thrift or two this morning. We only made it through one before Izz necessitated a return home, but not before I found this handmade vase.

It's about 8.5 inches tall, and about 25 inches in circumference at its widest.

Love its coloring and glazing, and I'm looking to see if I can find more info about it from the nautilus shaped etching on the bottom.

What cool thrifting finds have you come across lately?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Meditation My Way

After years of occasional half-hearted attempts at what most people call meditation - in which you sit impossibly still, breathe this way or that, and hopefully find some way to declutter your mind - I came to accept and even embrace the fact that I would always be a failure at that kind of meditation.

Because as much as that kind of meditation is supposed to bring one a sense of peace, it never did suit my nature. And there can be no peace within when you're constantly warring with your own nature. I could list any number of ways in which it contradicted my very essence, but sometimes, the strongest indication you need is a gut level appraisal from the most honest part of yourself that tells you quite bluntly Hey, sister. This shit is not you

But then one day as I was reemerging from the meditative state of rinsing a big stack of soaped dishes under warm water, I realized that there are so many moments in the very natural course of my day in which my mind, aided by the work of my hands, frees itself of its worries, cares, thoughts, opinions, feelings, and perceptions.

Today it was 30 minutes of mostly alone time (Izz was busy singing nursery songs) with 4 big, luscious pomegranates.

Success. :)


Friday, November 14, 2014

To Be Seen

So I happened to be gardening when Dean called me today on his lunch break like he usually does, and I marveled to him at how I could probably be indefinitely occupied with all the volunteer plants that sprout from the compost, like this bell pepper plant here.

Then I walked past the lavender and delighted in the fact that it's finally budding again after a long touch and go period in a new pot in a new spot.

I might have squee'd...

"You know, babe, I love that you're not all obsessive about your gardening and you're so easily pleased and excited when things grow."

"You know, babe, I love that you love that about me."

'Tis a lovely thing to truly be seen.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good afternoon, Sunshines!

Wow. It's been two weeks since my last blog post and almost a month since I shared with you that I'm taking a new direction with my work. They say that once you truly set your mind to a thing, the Universe conspires to make it happen. I know that sounds like metaphysical hooey to some, but in my experience, it has mostly been true.

Even as I fully expected some drop off of readership and support due to the change in direction, there has actually been continued growth and greater engagement than ever. And though I have never been concerned with growing the numbers just for numbers' sake, I choose to believe that so much positive energy is an affirmation of a right decision.

I feel happier, freer, and truer in what I'm doing. I don't have a title for it, and there is no career jargon to describe it. I'm just trying to live the best, fullest, and most authentic life I can on my own quirky terms, share my journey, pull people more together than apart through conversation, and make my little corner of the world better for it in some small way every day.

It's ever a work in progress - planting this and that, seeing what grows best and most organically, trimming, pruning, refining, and sometimes pulling things altogether. Whatever works as long as there's always some good growth...