I finally planted some pansies to replace the marigolds that were decimated by things I'm not experienced enough as a gardener to identify... yet.

To be honest, I don't even like pansies that much. They're pretty and all, but their blooms are so fragile, flimsy, and fleeting. I like flowers that stick around for a while, hence the marigolds they replaced. But they were the least unhealthy looking seedlings left in the nursery after the storms, and the marigolds in my yard were looking sadder than sad...

I also got myself this journal the other day. My least unfavorite from the roughly 50 different styles I pored over in two different stores. I don't like the words all over it (not to be confused with my not liking the worD because it happens to be a favorite of mine), and the size was slightly shy of perfect, but I do love its particular shade of red, and, as I said before, it was the least objectionable to my admittedly extraordinarily particular and peculiar sensibilities.

In another life, these purchases would have been considered unfortunate compromises.

But in this one, this is progress in the evolution of my priorities.

In another life, I might have spent more time, resources, and frustration - more LIFE - in search of more perfect-to-me other flowers and a different journal that I may or may not have ended up finding.

In this life, I chose to spend more life nurturing and enjoying the Plan B pansies and writing in the least unfavorite journal than continuing to quest for their more perfect alternatives.

Not that enough particularity and peculiarity don't still live in me that I could very well have come home empty handed had those pansies and that journal not been there to help me continue to refine my practice of embracing the good-enough.

But they were.

And I didn't.

Less driving, less searching, less buying.

More gardening, more writing, more creating.


Progress. :)




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