Good afternoon, Sunshines!

2 PM rolled around, and I realized I hadn't spent any quality time with my plant babies today. As time goes on, the more it seems I only have time and patience for people I really love, like, or enjoy, and my plants. A few years ago, I might have found that a troubling interpersonal development, but these days, I like to think of it as simplifying - "hacking away at the unessential," as Bruce Lee called it.

I've hacked away at a few unessential relationships this year, and it feels pretty damned good, actually. Sometimes we really do suffer needlessly to try to tolerate certain others too much from too close a distance. We can choose to practice compassion and empathy for some people from a very removed place if that's what it takes to be compassionate with ourselves.

Moving right along, is it strange of me that I'm so very fond of this particular tomato vine? I guess it lucked into a good spot in the yard because it seems to love it there. I think it grew in that direction because there's greater sun exposure and my pink jasmine vine to the left whereas it's mostly shaded and unpopulated to the right.

In the past couple of years of learning to garden, I have observed that most of the plants in my yard really do like just enough company. Too much company, and they warp or suffocate in any number of ways. Just enough, and they flourish.

Kinda like me, I guess. ;)

Time to start thinking about dinner. Takeout fried chicken will not fly two days in a row.

Off to the kitchen!




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