Leo Carillo Ranch Historic Park - Carlsbad, CA in (Mostly) Pics

Our original plans for last weekend were to take the kids and a couple of their buds out to Anza Borrego to see the wildflowers that were supposed to have been in full bloom, but plans were changed the night before when it seemed like Izz was starting to have some bad seasonal allergies that would preclude a visit with all that pollen.

The doormat for this structure said, "Su Casa, Amigo" so I'm
guessing this was the guest house? ^-

But her symptoms mostly cleared by morning and we were somehow miraculously able to get four teenagers (who hadn't slept until after I took them for donuts upon my usual 4am-ish wakeup) to rally by roughly 9 am, so we all headed out to the much closer Leo Carillo Ranch, where none of us had been before, to see what we could see.

You would probably not be surprised to learn that the teens were not quite as stoked about the Anza Borrego or Leo Carillo prospects as they were about the bowling plans afterward, but wouldn't you know that when you get a bunch of kids out in sunshine and fresh air with their friends, they somehow manage to have some fun in spite of themselves.

It's a lovely place to take a leisurely stroll with the fam, and even better, it's free. :)

Oh, and bonus peacocks everywhere, which were a real treat for Izz, who calls them "bwoococks."

Agave plants everywhere.
They should start a Tequila ranch. ;)

The girls discovered the pool is only about a foot and a half deep
according to their estimations. Guess it was just for wading.

Always feels good to let sand run through your fingers.


These pics aren't the greatest because my shooting mojo was kinda off on Saturday morning, but Dean took some great shots that you can see here.

Great place to while away an hour or two if you're in the Carlsbad area.

Leo Carillo Ranch Historic Park (Official City of Carlsbad Site)
200 Flying Leo Carillo Lane
Carlsbad, CA 92009

More info here: Friends of Carillo Ranch.




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