Grigsby Cactus Gardens - Vista, CA in Pics

You never know what's going to capture your teenager's imagination and interest, but if it's anything other than video games and electronic devices, you jump at the chance to cultivate that interest.

Joey's latest interest happens to be cacti, so I yelped around for local cactus nurseries and found Grigsby Cactus Gardens in Vista.

Joey thinks it's in "one of those weird neighborhoods you're always taking us to," but it's not all that weird. It's just a little remote and rustic feeling because Vista still has a lot of mixed agricultural/residential areas where people have acreage and old growth plants and dirt lined roads, which I personally find quite lovely and charming, but which is understandably "weird" to a kid who grew up in a Stepford densely littered with McMansions. (We don't live there anymore, thank Goddess! ;) )

Drive up to the gate, honk thrice, and give Ms. Madeline (the owner) a little time to get to the gate to let you in. She'll let you know which plants are available for regular retail purchase and which ones to "don't even think about asking to buy!" because they're for her internet and wholesale customers.

We got a quite stern and totally understandable
warning to keep Izz with us at all times because,
well, kids and prickly cacti... :|

Even the limited selection you are allowed to buy is considerable.

If you love cacti and succulents, you'll be totally glad you drove out to that weird place.

That green ball is Joey's. :)

Let's hope he doesn't kill it. :P


Grigsby Cactus Gardens (yelp link)
2326 - 2354 Bella Vista Drive
Vista, CA 92084
760. 727.1323

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