On Moving Forward & Bringing My Lessons With Me

Good afternoon, Sunshines!

A few of you have been so sweet to check in and see what's doing with me, so I'm just taking a moment to say hello and fill you in. 

As many of you know from personal experience, staying home with a young child requires not only patience for the child, but also for the evolution and fruition of all those big kinds of ideas that never used to take so long to manifest before your child blessed your life with so many challenges and rewards.

And so the first thing that's been happening with me is that I've been learning - not only to accept my slow progress, but to embrace the fact that the progress doesn't have to stop simply because it's slow, that it doesn't have to be full steam ahead or no steam at all. I have been realizing and actuating what I've always known intellectually - that the time will pass anyway and that it will undoubtedly have been better to strive however slowly and steadily than not to have strived at all.

It feels good to make better peace with that idea (and I say better because I will probably always struggle with my passion and impatience to bring my ideas to life). It feels more and more rewarding to choose to believe that the effort and the lessons of the slow striving are as much the achievement as the ends toward which they are being directed.

So how exactly have my projects been panning out?

Well, the music project with Dean that started out as a duo is now slowly evolving into a group thing, and we are patiently assembling our ensemble with some great musicians with whom we hope to mutually gel, learn, and most importantly, just fill our souls with the satisfaction of making music again.

Those local globally and frugally inspired cooking classes I started dreaming up before Bella was even conceived are evolving into these Sunday Brunchuary Cooking Workshops that I'm going to host right here in my little suburban bohemian kitchen, my self-consciousness about my little house and even littler kitchen be damned.

And that desire to offer more to my little corner of the Universe than just food, food and more food? That's become BodyBellySoul Retreats - a partnership with my friend and biz partner Kelli May to host fun, fulfilling, delicious, and accessible local mini-retreats where people can recharge through yoga, fantastic food and drink, creative outlets, opportunities to pay it forward, and just a generally laid back good time.

I guess the other thing that's happening with me is that I am allowing myself the freedom and expansion to endeavor all these things without judgment - from self or others - that this simply isn't done, that no one gets to do all these different things with any kind of success, that you don't get to take a tortoise's pace in building your business so you can prioritize the people you love, or that this path is just not legitimate in any number of other ways.

I am choosing to no longer cage my past lessons - of striving for too much too quickly, of overworking myself, and of losing perspective and balance - inside the fear of repeating past mistakes. I am choosing to trust my hard won sense of priorities, gratitude, and centeredness and test its mettle as I move into this second half of my life, being, doing, and becoming as fully as I dare.

Thanks always for your support and good juju through all.

With love,




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