Café Secret - Del Mar, San Diego, CA in Pics

A few weeks back, LAM and MAP joined us for a little local staycay to get away from their OC surroundings, and rather than have them stay at our place as they usually do, we booked them a room in a funky little boutique inn in Del Mar called Les Artistes Inn. (A tiny token repayment of their constant generosity with us whenever we spend time with them.)

As it turns out, the very friendly and eccentric-artsy Thai woman who owns and designed the hotel also leases restaurant space in front of her other little inn to the proprietors of Café Secret. Both of us being lovers of good food, we talked a bit about where we each like to dine in San Diego, and she tacked Café Secret to the end of her list of local restaurant recommendations.

Canchita - Peru's Unpopped Popcorn

Bella crunching canchita and conducting business
on Wa's Flintstone phone. ;P
Who knew she'd love them so much?

Del Mar does fairly well with some higher end, Cali-inspired elevated concept food as San Diego goes, but it's not a place where you go looking for so-called "ethnic" food. So in a way, Café Secret really is sort of a secret café that you don't expect to find in Del Mar where you can have well executed Peruvian food in a charmingly casual setting that you could easily miss as you drive past.

Ceviche Mixto -
locally caught fresh fish, octopus, jumbo shrimp, Peruvian
scallops, New Zealand green lip mussels, calamari

Macho -
pan seared local catch, Maine scallops, New Zealand green-lipped
mussels, jumbo shrimp, prawn, and calamari, tossed in a creamy
rocoto sauce and served with garlic rice
Bella also loved this. :)

As I'm writing this post, I'm wishing I was again sitting on their patio with a glass of Albariño, crunching on canchita, and waiting for my beautiful ceviche to arrive.

Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

Cheers! :)

The check tucked into an Isabel Allende novel -  a charming touch
(and one we're seeing more of these days in other places
as well - not always Allende, of course. ;) )

The walk back to the inn. Del Mar is a lovely place.

Looking forward to returning to the restaurant and the inn. :)

Café Secret (link)
1140 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92014



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