Havana Kitchen, Temecula, CA in Pics

Dean and I were in Temecula a few weeks ago to check out its wine country and our previous short stint living there a few years ago left us with measured expectations about the food we'd find upon our return.

Ropa Vieja Egg Bowl

As expected, there was still quite a bit of stuff to appeal to the Applebee's palate, but also as should have been expected, there's been a lot of growth and evolution in the kinds of cuisines and concepts that are starting to take hold there.


Now I know that lots of people complain that yelp is an unreliable source of restaurant reviews, but I personally have found that in well populated areas, yelp can be a pretty helpful resource if you learn to read past the clearly bullshit fake marketing and/or friends and family posts as well as the outlier reviews (as in totally glowing when the middle says differently or super negative and nitpicky that have I WAS WRITTEN BY A GENERALLY MISERABLE HUMAN BEING written all over them). 

Chemex Coffee. I know, I know - ¿Por qué no cafe Cubano???

Because we felt like drip is all. :)

And so yelp is where I found Havana Kitchen. For breakfast. I wasn't feeling the whole bland American breakfast thing.

Bella savoring her beloved 
"rice and bains." ;)

And neither of them disappointed.

Post-desayuno funny faces with Daddy.

The music's great, the atmosphere is totally chill, and it's some of the best food I've had in Temecula, period.

Easy recommendation if you're in the area.

¡Buen provecho!


Havana Kitchen (yelp link - their website is pretty sparse as of this writing)
41955 5th Street, Suite 101
Temecula, CA 92590



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