The Plants of San Diego Zoo Safari Park

So last week, I asked the interwebs if it was strange of me that I found the plants at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park more fascinating than the animals.

And it's like they heard me because this morning, when I went looking for a little more information on their plants, they had this to say to me:

"YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your interest in the wealth of plant life that graces our grounds, Shinae."

What a relief.

One less reason I'm strange.

Their website goes on to say:

"San Diego's mild Mediterranean climate makes it possible to grow more different kinds of plants than almost anywhere else in the United States. With more than a million plants on a total of 1,900 acres (770 hectares) at the Zoo and the Safari Park, our grounds make up a truly world-class botanical garden and they have been recognized as such."

I believe it.

Next time I'm strapping the squirmy toddler into the stroller and going for a real photo walk with the fancycam.

If you wish I'd taken pics of the animals, check out Dean's album from the day. He got some really good ones.

And if you can ID any of the plants, please do in comments! :)

Hope you enjoyed,




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