Good morning from the garden! :)

Good morning from the garden, Sunshines! :)

Today's little harvest - 10 little Japanese eggplants (my first ones!!! >.<), and then, from left to right, Moroccan mint, purple perilla, Vietnamese coriander, and sweet basil.

I'll be putting the herbs into our Summer Rolls tonight, and I'm thinking the eggplants will get made into a ratatouille-type preparation.

Excited about this weekend's little birthday celebration for MAP and Bella (his is today, hers is on the 4th) and about my very first upcoming North County Women's Cookshop get together next week!

Also generally stoked to have all my monsters at home during the day during Summer break. Love having them all together under the same roof.

Lots to get done, so off I go.

Wishing you a loverly Thursday.





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