On Using Up Eggplants and Living The Dream...

Happy Friday, Sunshines!

Today's eggplant harvest.

They were labeled Japanese eggplants when I bought the seedlings, but my friend Kay pointed out that they look more like Chinese ones, and I think she's probably right. I'm thinking I'll get another one or two harvests from them before they quit on me for the season, but that's just a feeling I get. I don't really know much about eggplant behavior - this is my first time growing them.

We've enjoyed them in Korean style banchan...

in a Greek-inspired stew preparation (no pic), and in a ratatouille type thing over pasta so far.

The last ones left from the last harvest will probably get thrown into some kind of generally hotspicy Chinese inspired dish with the last of this week's pork shoulder for tonight's dinner (or maybe a Thai-inspired coconut curry), and I'm pretty sure there's some baba ganoush and/or melitzanosalata in our future, too.

Things have been busier around here than they have in a while as I've begun to ease myself back into teaching a few cooking classes and as Dean, our pal Jean-Louis, and I have begun to actualize a long-held dream of creating small scale, fun, casual, and globally inspired delicious eat-drink events locally. Events where we hope to share our love of good food, drink, and camaraderie in a truly convivial atmosphere with others who value the same.

Somewhere in there, Dean and I are still trying to eke out music whenever we can because the dream... THE DREAM... is to one day play a good set and serve some great food and drink on the same night to an appreciative audience. And then maybe find a way to make that repeatable and sustainable. Just maybe...

That has always been our shared dream. 

And so we're chipping away at it when we can, how we can. 

And sometimes we lose focus, and drive eludes us.

We try to make sure it's for good reasons, like enjoying a little impromptu sunset picnic on the bay with friends...

Or just embracing the sweet moments life has to offer...

But sometimes it's just because we're being lazy and static and allowing ourselves to be stifled by our own inertia.

Sometimes it's 2 steps forward and 2 steps back.

But sometimes it's 2 steps forward and 1.75 steps back.

Or sometimes we really get our asses in gear and it's 2 steps forward and only 1 step back.

But it's always an exercise in learning and growing together, supporting one another in our individual endeavors, working together through and toward our shared goals, and trying to keep our relationships with our loved ones well cared for in the process.

Lots of trial and error, lots of prioritizing and reprioritizing, lots of failures, and lots of lessons...

But mostly it's just lots of loving and living and gradually trying all the things we ever thought we wanted to give a shot, so I guess I can say we really are blessed to be living our own little dream, imperfectly though we may be doing it. :)

Doesn't always look like success, but it feels right, and I'm happy and grateful to be getting to experience it all. <3

And now off to the kitchen to decide about some eggplants.

I hope you have a delicious Friday night dinner and a most loverly weekend,


P.S. What I ended up making with the yet more eggplant. Details HERE. :)



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