Happy Sunrise, Sunshines :)

One morning not too long ago, the sky was so amazing that Dean, Joey, and I all felt compelled to run out and shoot it, the two of them dressed for work and school respectively, and me sporting my fuzzy robe and house booties and probably also Dean's size 13 flip flops to, you know, keep the booties from getting dirty...

As we were shooting, our neighbor - who doesn't normally do such kooky things and who was about to get into his car to drive to work - saw all the phones pointed east, caught the contagion, did the when in Rome shrug, whipped out his phone, and shot the sunrise for what seemed like maybe the first time in either his whole life, or at least a very long time.

Our kooky family had something to do with him noticing the sunrise that morning.

I think I'm going to keep that feeling with me for a long time.

Happy Sunrise, Sunshines. :) 



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