UPDATE 08.03.16: The music continues to progress, even if slowly. If you'd like to give our slow progress a listen, our rendition of Fragile by Sting and the jazz standard My Funny Valentine are up on SoundCloud. (Please follow if you'd like to be updated on our latest tracks!)

A few people have asked me how I've been doing and what I've been up to since I stopped working on food (that I still post about because it will always be a big part of our lives - just no teaching or recipe development for now), so I'd like to take a moment to thank you for asking and to let you know that I have been having an amazing time being wonderfully humbled, challenged, and fulfilled by the process of returning to music. It's been a long time, and I have so much to learn again and anew.

The writing (of words), which is what the break was originally intended for, has been backburnered for the unexpected progress that's been made in forming a duo with Dean, which is a dream we've been dreaming together for years. I am going with the momentum that the Universe is sending my way, and at this time, the momentum is definitely musical. (Still write in my journal, though! ;) )

I've known for years that the nagging creative void in my life was my need to return to performing music, but I also knew in my soul that other things needed to be in order before I could do that. Our family is healthy and happy with plenty of opportunity for QT, our livelihood is stable, we have time and resources to live a full and well-rounded life, and I am now able to pursue my first love and passion in a way that I can feel really good about with regard to my first priority, which has always been family.

So that's how what/I've been doing, and it feels fantastic.

Thanks always to all my family and friends who've given me nothing but love and support in anything and everything I've wanted to create of my life. <3




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