Wednesday, February 10, 2016


We said we weren't going to do it. That we were married from the day we met and we needed nothing and no one else to legitimize this commitment between the two of us. And that was true.

But we had these two children then with one on the way and everything about this made perfect sense for them, and to them, and this symbol of our commitment made them happy and more secure. I guess it was contagious because somehow it made me even happier and more secure, too.

Sometimes people ask me how long we've been married and I struggle to answer because, frankly, were it not for facebook or google calendar to tell me, I probably wouldn't know. These are just not the kinds of things I keep in my mind. Sometimes they look at me in shock like I must not love you because I don't remember, but then I look to you with a shrug, you look back at me with that crinkled smile, and then you answer them unflinchingly.

Because you know you, you understand me, and you complete me. In the most complementary, cooperative, supportive, and empowering kind of way.

So even though we were married from day one, I am so deeply grateful and elated that our children gave us a reason to give ourselves a day - even if it's one I am oft apt to forget - to mark the passage of our beautiful life together.

Unsentimental as I can be, it makes me so happy and downright giddy inside to think I am your wife.

Happy Anniversary, Babe. I love you and thank you always for all you are and all that I am with you.