I like to create recipes that are globally inspired but also deliciously accessible and mostly pretty frugal.

Hope you enjoy them. :)

Seoul Food
(Korean & Korean-inspired)

Bibim Bahp (aka Bibim Bap, Bibimbap)
Bibim Bap 2 (Quick & Easy Version)
Chicken Joohk (aka Dahk Jook or Dak Jook)
Choh Gochoojahng (aka Cho Gochujang)
Kimchi (aka Kimchee, Kim Chee)
Kimchi Bohkkeum (Kimchi Stirfry)

Viet Food
(Vietnamese & Vietnamese-inspired)

Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Summer Rolls)
Hanh Dam (Vietnamese Onions in Vinegar)
Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese Seasoned Fish Sauce/Dressing)

Comida Latina
(Assorted Latin & Latin-inspired)

Other Asian & Asian-Inspired

American & California Cuisine Inspired

Euro- & Mediterranean Inspired

Morning Meals

Rabbit Food

Pickles & Quickles

Hanh Dam (Vietnamese Quickled Onions - the kind you eat with pho)

Sweet Treats

Drinky Things


  1. I'm not sure how much you check here anymore, but I was poking around looking for your Chicken Teriyaki recipe and saw your exciting new chapter in your life. I've been checking in on you since the old days at Chowhound and as I've said before, you are just a phenomenal woman and I'm so happy that you are finding your bliss You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure countless others. Peace and blessings to you and yours.



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